Sky Lanterns At The Festival


The tradition of using sky lanterns has been around for hundreds of years and they have made it into the modern era.  They are seemingly just as popular as they were in the past.  They can be regularly seen at wedding and celebrations for just about any occasion.  They are a decorative item that make everyone at the event feel special.  This is why we are thinking of introducing these at the next whisky festival.

sky lanterns

The lanterns actually have their own festivals. One which takes place in Thailand.  This is well known across the world.  Traditionally, lanterns are believed to offer protection from evil spirits and as such bringing good to the person that releases one.  But don’t get that confused if you have drank too much whisky that releasing one will mean no hangover in the morning.

Sky lanterns don’t create any pollution and are environmentally friendly, especially when compared to things such as fireworks and bonfires. They are visually magnificent when a few are released simultaneously and they create enchantment at an event.  This is one of the reasons why lanterns are seen at parties, wedding and other important events in people’s lives. In many areas of the world, particularly in Asia, flying lanterns are part of the New Years Eve decorations.  We view the festival as in important part of people’s lives and so we opted for this idea to release lanterns.

You may know them as either sky lanterns, flying lanterns or floating lanterns but they have become very dear to many people across the world.  They are great to have around even when there isn’t a special occasion to celebrate.  They may also be called sky candles or even Chinese paper lanterns.  In fact, they have so many names that there are too many to list here.  Online, there is a very wide range of lanterns to choose from.  Websites such as thoroughly test the many different types of lanterns to ensure that you get ones correct for your special occasion and so there are no nasty surprises from poor build quality or materials


If you are maybe concerned that sky lanterns are not environmentally friendly, we assure you that they are almost always 100% biodegradable. We would never use anything at one of our festivals that may cause harm to the environment.  They are usually only constructed from recycled paper and the heat/light source is a candle.  If/when we give you a lantern at the festival, we will provide you with all of the safety information that you will require for a safe release.  So there is no need to worry and even children can get involved.

As for the types of lanterns we will provide, prepare yourselves to be rather amazed at the selection there will be to choose from.  There will be many shapes, sizes and colours to selecy.  However, be wary that the size and shape can affect the type of flight that a lantern will have, along with the weather of course.  So lets’s hope that it doesn’t rain.

Advantages Of Powerlifting Belts


Powerlifting belts are used in many exercises in order to prevent injury while training is being performed. But many people don’t know what the real benefits are to wearing one. Here, we will try to outline some of the basic benefits one would receive from wearing a belt.

Injury prevention of the back

The top reason why lifters wear a belt is injury prevention. If you were to go into any gym and asked people why they wear one, that is what most people would respond with. Their reply may also be mixed with one of the other benefits too. During deadlifts or squats, there is a high amount of strain on the lower back and injury is quite common.

A belt helps to generate pressure within the core of your body. Now, many people practice achieving this effect naturally which work to some extent. But a belt amplifies this effect.

powerlifting belt

Lifting improvement

Another common response regarding belts is to lift more weight. This is a very good reason. As many people know, the larger compound lifts build more muscle quicker, and the heavier weight lifted (with a good form), the better. This is especially true when powerlifters who might be training for a competition where a belt can be worn when they compete.

Engagement of the core

This is your level of safety when you perform a lift. For example, for lowering into squads you should have a core follow their. This creates pressure against the abs and the lower back and this is what keeps you safe during a lift. The powerlifting belt is a good way of creating and amplifying this intra-abdominal pressure.

Mental benefits

It is quite common for people to wear belts for peace of mind. It is quite strange but some people generally feel stronger and there wear a belt. But lifters need to remember that they are not invincible and no amount of equipment can counteract poor form.

Downsides of powerlifting belts

Overusing a belt can be detrimental to progress in both the strength and muscle areas. Using a belt can mean that there is less pressure applied to your core meaning that it can lead to a weaker core and thus in the long term a higher chance of injury when training without a belt. Another issue is getting the wrong type of belts or in the wrong size. It is strongly recommended that readers do thorough research before selecting a belt. Websites such as provide excellent reviews and information on selecting the correct belts for varying needs. Plus, selecting a good belts can last you years.

Another quite common issue is poor engagement of the abdominal muscles, even when a belt is used. Even though belts help to create extra pressure in the core, it is still important to have the correct abdominal and breathing techniques before being fully effective. If these techniques are used at all, a belt can be effectively useless.